Sunday, April 24, 2011

product of the week!

This is my new favorite beauty purchase and deserves to be called the product of the week! It's Lancome Teint Miracle. This foundation goes on so smoothly and never looks heavy or cakey.
Best of all it's oil free, non-comedogenic, contains an spf of 15, good for sensitive skin, and it's made from 37% pure water. 
I love that it's easy to layer. I have found that with this foundation, I don't really have to use concealer because I can pat on a little extra in certain areas that need more coverage and it blends in beautifully. It really does make your skin look luminous and flawless! I love this stuff!!! It retails for $37 and can be found at sephora or an department store. I know it's a little pricey, however if you are going to splurge on one makeup item, please let it be foundation!! Having a flawless face is essential for any makeup look! 

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  1. ooohhh thanks for the heads up. i need a new foundation and i have a GC to sephora ive been saving.