Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the essentials

Hello everyone. So the other night I jumped into the shower. I was stressed and my mind was racing.  I reached for my bottle of body wash, I took a deep breath and inhaled the cool relaxing smell of lavender. I instantly felt a little more relaxed.
Lavender always makes me think of my mom. It was her favorite scent and essential oil. She had a small white box filled with all kinds of different aromatic oils. As a young teenager it embarrassed me tremendously that she would break out these oils at any given time and take these intense deep breaths. It was the weirdest thing to me. I'm pretty sure I saw her pull oils out of her purse at church a few times to catch a quick smell. This, along with her undying love for Birkenstocks and a mason jar full of wheatgrass,
 was enough for me to realize she was no ordinary mom. Anyway, even though I didn't appreciate her love of essential oils, wheatgrass and organic foods, I've grown to really enjoy all those things over the years. I wish I would have given her more credit for not being the 'norm'. She would always tell me why certain oils are good for you, and how they do more than just  'smell good'. So here are some of the oils that I love to use on myself and as an Esthetician on my clients for their skin.      


Sandalwood-  this oil can be used to cure acne scars and minimal breakouts. It's a very soothing, warm aroma that relaxes the mind and soothes dry skin. 

Eucalyptus- it's a great antiseptic. As soon as the oil hits air, it forms ozone which makes an antiseptic. This means it can heal wounds, ulcers, and relieve minor burns and cuts. It's also helps relive muscle pain and tension because it has anti inflammatory agents. 

Tea Tree- to me this is the head honcho macho oil. I can't tell you how many times my mom would tell me 'put tea tree oil on it'. Ugh I got so sick of hearing that. It became an ongoing joke between my brothers and me. However, she was right! This stuff is the BEST! It originates from Australia and is actually found in every first aid kit that is produced there. It's a major anti fungal, speeds healing, relieves pain from burns, it detoxifies, it's an insecticide, it's anti viral, and an antibiotic. It pretty much does everything. I love to use it to dry up pimples too! Even insect bites are no match for tea tree oil. You need this in your medicine cabinet!!

Lavender- last but not least. It's probably the most popular essential oil of them all. It's known for relaxing and calming the mind and relieving headaches. This oil is also wonderful for minor burns or cuts. 

When using for the skin, you'll need to mix all these oils (except for tea tree oil. this is the only oil from this list that you can apply directly without diluting it) with a carrier. They are too strong to use on their own. The best carriers to use, in my opinion, are jojoba oil or grape seed oil. You can find these carrier oils and essential oils at Whole Foods. Just mix a few drops with any of these oils are you are good to go. You can also try adding 3-4 drops of your chosen aroma to your bath water. 

Hope this helps improve your life, mood and skin!! Enjoy!

ginny lee


  1. I concur. all the way! I have about 3.

  2. Ginny I love using tea tree and lavender not mixed but those are my favorite.
    oh and peppermint mixed with shampoo.