Thursday, February 17, 2011

feeling yucky? this will help!

Over this past week I've had a terrible cold. You know how it goes, runny then stuffy nose, phlegm in your chest, sinus infection that's so intense it feels like your head is going to explode.... Ect. I took all kinds of medicines to speed my recovery. I felt miserable. Then I started thinking of all my friends who are pregnant and going through their winter colds. They can't take anything because they have a little bun in the oven. I couldn't imagine feeling so poorly and not being to suck back some nyquil to help me sleep!! Here's something I did, that helped me relax, breath better, feel better and sleep better. AND all you pregnant ladies can do it too! My friend told me about this remedy, and it really works! 

What you'll need-

Vicks vapor rub, or eucalyptus oil
1 large cooking pot
1 sheet 
1 phone book (or something shaped like it)

1. To start off, bring your pot of water to a boil. While your water is simmering, take your sheet and phone book and set it in your bathroom.

2.  Get naked

3.  When your water is boiling place either 15 or so drops of eucalyptus oil or a spoon full of vics into the water. Stir it up well. 

4.  Then carefully take your boiling water (make sure it has a lid on it) into your bathroom. 

5. Climb under your sheet and set the pot of water on top of your phone book. Make sure you're completely closed in under that sheet. 

6.  Slowly uncover the pot and take deep breathes in. Don't stick you're head directly over because it will burn your face! Just be careful. After a minute or so you leave the lid off. 

7. Then just chill under your little teepee. Try to stay under there long enough to build up a sweat.... About 15 minutes.  

8. After that, bundle up and go to bed!! 

I hope you all are staying healthy and well this winter. If you do start to feel yucky, give this a try! Hope this helps, especially for my pregnant loved ones:)

ginny lee 

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  1. I love this Ginny! I have a killer cold right now. It sucks and i'm loosing my voice. Im trying this! It is amazing how much crap drs. said i could take over the counter but so many natural remedies they wont allow. It drives me crazy!