Monday, February 21, 2011

how to pop a pimple

This may be a little more of a gross post, but it's still very important! 
Pimples! We all get them! Some of them hurt, some of them go away over night, some last for a week. Here's a few tips on how to treat them so they'll go away asap without leaving behind any marks!!

Cystic- These are actually the easiest to deal with. These pimples are very large, deep, and under the skin. They usually don't pop or ever get a white head, but do tend to hurt. Since these pimples don't pop, DO NOT try pop them!! The best thing you can do is get a spot treatment (something that has 2% salicylic works best) on it a few times a day. This will start to kill the bacteria and speed healing. You can also apply ice to it to reduce the swelling. If you try to pop it or pick at it, it's just going to make it bigger and more irritated. It can also make the bacteria travel. Think of it this way, if you're trying to pop a pimple and it doesn't actually pop, all that nasty stuff is just going to travel under your skin and spread. Every time you're tempted to pick at it, just remember that. It usually helps me not want to touch it!! 

Whiteheads- You've got one that's a doozie and ready to pop!? I know it's gross, but don't lie, we all get a little excited to pop zits, or pick at them. Don't lie to yourself, we all do it! This is the best way to go about popping that white head. Make sure your face has been cleansed. Then take toilet paper and wrap it around your finger tips and give it a squeeze. Make sure you apply pressure downward into your skin. This will help get all the gunk out. Keep on doing this until nothing comes out. Keep it covered until it stops bleeding, and then apply your spot treatment

Milia Acne- This is where you have tiny little bumps all over. The most common place you'll find this is on your forehead. These are a little more difficult to treat. I would not recommend using any type of scrub ever on skin like this. What ends up happening is that the bacteria gets spread around. Obviously we don't want to do that! The best way to treat this, is to use a masque 2x a week to help exfoliate. You can also apply that spot treatment on that area. Just watch to make sure you're not over drying your skin. When you see any kind of whitehead or open pores go ahead and try to extract it like we talked about above.

Blackheads- People ask me what the difference is between whiteheads and blackheads all the time. The only difference is that whiteheads have a layer of dead skin over the bacteria. Blackheads do not. They are oxidized, which turns them black. Almost everyone has a collection of blackhead on, or around there nose. They're actually not that hard to get out either. Just make sure your skin is washed (it helps if you prepare your skin with a masque too) and wrap those fingers up again, and press hard all along your nose area. If your skin is ready, and has been cleansed well and taken care of, they blackheads will come right out! 

It's really pretty simple stuff! I had bad acne when I was a teenager and even in my early 20's, so trust me, I have a lot of experience with zits!! Not to mention that I pop other peoples pimples too :)  The best thing to remember is to keep your skin clean, and don't touch it!! 

ginny lee