Saturday, February 5, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

These are some products that I just keep coming back too. I love, love, love trying new brands of skin care, and makeup. I want to know what's best, why it is best and so on. As much as I try different brands of products, these are a few things that I come back to time and time again. They never let me down and I haven't found anything that seems to work better. Some of the stuff on this list is pricey, but I really think it's worth it. Hope you enjoy!!

1.  Laura Mercier foundation $42. I like that she has a few different formulas. You can pick from a tinted moisturizer or a foundation. The tinted moisturizer is a little more translucent but is great for evening out your skin tone.  The foundation gives you a little more coverage. Both formulas come in a regular and oil free. I like the oil free version for my skin. Her foundations are great because they don't leave your skin with that pinky tone. You always want to pick a foundation that has yellow tones. This will cancel out any redness that you have. Most all woman get redness around their nose and mouth. These are hormonal spots, so with our lovely hormones comes redness and irritation at times. Not to mention those lovely 'that time of the month' breakouts we get in those spots. Anyway, evening out your skin tone and having that perfect color match is ABSOLUTELY key to creating your look. If you are going to splurge on one makeup item, this is

2.  Dior mascara $24.50-$27. I have tried dozens of different kinds of mascara and I always go back to this one.  It does it all, it curls, lengthens, and plumps. Another great thing is that it doesn't flake off through out the day. 

3.  Face Primer $15-$32. There's actually a of different brands that have good primers. It's important to wear because it makes your foundation stay in place and fills in fine lines and pores. I like the ones from MAC. You only need a tiny bit, so it does last a long time.

4.  Caudalie Beauty Elixer $15. I've been using this for several years now. It's the most refreshing mist ever! With a little bit of eucalyptus in it, it feels extremely cooling and calming. You can put this on before you moisturize, and after you are finished with your makeup. Or use it all day to freshen your skin up!
5. Boscia Face Scrub $32.  This is a great scrub because the granules are small and refined. You're skin will feel sooooooo smooth. It's very gentle, so you don't have to worry about over scrubbing which a lot of women like to do. 

6. Hand Relief $18.  I can't say enough about this moisturizer. It's so rich and creamy. It's the only hand cream that relieves my chapped hands. With my line of work I have to constantly wash my hands, so trust me, this stuff works! Plus it doesn't just wash off the first time you wash your hands. It really absorbs in well.
7. Ardell Lashes and Glue $10. This isn't really a must, but it's so fun! This glue is clear and not clumpy. It's great because the lashes stay on for about 4 days! They come in little clumps of 4. That way you can just add a few on the edges of your eyes if you want to glam up your look. It's so easy and fun. All my clients that I do makeup on love these lashes! On a side not, this glue is only to be used for these types of lashes. You don't want to use this glue on a band of lashes that you wear for one night and then take off. For those types of lashes, use black DUO glue.

8. Smolder from MAC $13. It's my favorite black eye liner. It stays on really well, and it goes on smoothly. A lot of cheaper eye liners are so dry that they practically tear your eye up when you try to apply it. That's why I stick with this one:) it's a great formula!
9.  Sebastian Hair Spray $15. All of their hair sprays are great. They have different types of hold but none of them are sticky. They all smell yummy too!

10.  Makeup Forever Translucent Powder $30. For People like me with oily skin, this is a must have! It's the last thing you put on your face.... Even after you apply blush. It's white but it goes on clear. It really does leave your skin velvety soft. It will keep your makeup in place all day and help prevent oil and shine.

Well, there you have it! I hope that this gives you some ideas of new products to purchase if you're looking for a new 'something'!

ginny lee


  1. i love the laura mercier you recommended!
    i use dior lash too:) totally worth it

  2. This is a really fun blog! Thanks for all of the fun tips! I will have to try out the lashes...what a fun idea!

  3. My wife has better tips than this and I love her.

  4. I just recently bought the make up forever high def powder. It is amazing. It is light weight, but makes your skin look flawless. I didn't know you could use it over blush and to set it. Great tip!!